Blake Lively, Green Lantern Premiere

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Dear Ted:
Why was my fave star Blake Lively missing from the Toronto Film Festival this weekend? I hate to ask, but does it make her kind of a diva to skip the premiere of a movie she's starring in? I didn't see any Gossip Girl candids, so they probably weren't filming. I always thought she seemed like a truthful, giving and genuine gal, but this kind of puts her in a different light. Is she as much of a spoiled brat as her costars say she is?
—Say It Ain't So

Dear Tift at TIFF:
Puh-lease, Blake wouldn't skip a red carpet opportunity without a reason. And I think that reason may have less to do with any hoity toity ‘tude and more to do with the film Hick getting crap reviews. I've always said she's a smart broad, and the smartest thing she can do in this sitch is put the dud in her rearview mirror.

Dear Ted:
I was wondering if January Jones has had her baby? I feel like she's been pregnant for a while, and do you think she will be at the Emmys?

Dear Baby Onboard:
And miss the opportunity to show off her bump in a truly divine dress? January wouldn't think of it! Actually she's probably staying home, as she popped out her baby boy. But I'm far more interested in the few years after the baby's born than its due date. You know, when it will start to resemble its mom...or dad.

Dear Ted:
There is pictures of Jason Trawick leaving a jewelry store this week, and the rumors are he was buying an engagement ring. Maybe this will be Britney Spears' third time?

Dear Bling-Be-Gone:
Nope, Brit isn't ready to strut her stuff down the aisle just yet. Tho, I wouldn't be surprised if she tied the knot in the near future. Just not until her tour wraps and the credit card receipts are counted.

Dear Ted:
With True Blood just ending, The Vampire Diaries about to start up again, the latest Twilight coming out soon and Buffy about to return to TV, is there any dish on what our favorite Vicey vampire Nelly Fang has been up to lately?

Dear Fangtasm:
Nothing particularly juicy—well, at least by Nell's standards. Oh, he's definitely out getting his skank on (same as always), but he's been keeping it quiet instead of displaying his usual, voyeuristic tendencies. How boring of him, no?

Dear Ted:
Do you think the latest multiple sightings of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are mere publicity stunts? After all, both have movies coming out, In Time in Justin's case and New Year's Eve in Jessica's case. Also, there was no major news of Jessica all this while and now suddenly ever since the sightings, she is here, there and everywhere. They seem as distant and aloof as ever. No smiling, no hand-holding. What kind of a reunion is this?

Dear Classic:
Well that's how TimberBiel does it, doll. You know that! They're a terribly boring couple, so I'd think it was more of a PR move if they did something interesting or sexy for once. But I'm thinking this is the real deal...again.

Dear Ted:
Forget about George Clooney, what do you know about his new elf, Stacy Keibler? I have been hearing she's a hard partier. Does she have a Vice or ever been connected to a Vice?
—Can't Party Till Dawn

Dear Wrestling Mania:
Sure, she's connected to Georgey's Vice now. Otherwise, what do you expect from a young, hot H'wood gal?

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