Lindsay Lohan, Michelle Williams

NY Magazine; Trademark Films/The Weinstein Company

Dear Ted:
Love the cover of Vogue with Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe. Never thought she could pull that off, but she looks great! Wonder how long before Lindsay Lohan starts blabbing about how upset she is that she wasn't considered for the role, you know with those photos she did for NY Magazine as Ms. Monroe would more than qualify her in her mind.

Dear Blonde Ambition:
It's no secret that I'm not exactly fond of LiLo's dress up disaster, but it is the roles he's been prepping to play her whole life—which, come to think of it, would make a great excuse for the oft-troubled tart. Method acting, right? But Michelle definitely gives the homage a touch of class that Linds could never provide.

Dear Ted:
What's the real deal with Jessica Simpson and her fiancé, Eric Johnson? He doesn't seem to do much other than follow her around. Something's not right! And his ex-wife was a stunner! Poor Jessica...and Papa Joe!

Dear Never a Bride:
Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Jess is set for another round of wedded reality TV bliss. Well, at least from the whispers I'm hearing. Which makes it très tragic, as all Ms. Simpson really wants in life is to land a solid man.

Dear Ted:
I thought you hated the Breaking Dawn trailer? Confused! "Your mood swings are giving me whip lash," as Bella said. I really don't understand what is going on with you and your staff. Could you please let us in on what has you being so negative about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart these days? Please! I really do love your columns, but lately I really don't get you and your attitude toward Rob and Kristen, especially Rob.

Dear Preview Attraction:
While the cheesy melodramatic fighting between Jacob and Edward was a total turnoff, I dig any chance to watch R.Pattz and K.Stew get cozy, which they'll be doing a lot of in those steamy honeymoon scenes. So, sure, I rag on the vamp franchise, but I'm always sweet to my fave twosome.

Dear Ted:
I know Dianna Agron has been busy with Glee, but with her budding film career, what is the interest from Hollywood producers for her in future movies? I thought she did quite well in her first starring role with I Am Number Four! I was wondering what the backstage buzz was for this beautiful and talented young actress? Does she have a good shot for a movie career in the post-Glee world?

Dear Film Future:
Di is guaranteed for movie stardom, Cindy, which is why she's not sweating her inevitable split from the show-tune-happy series. If I were a betting man (which I am), I'd place some serious moolah on Dianna being the first Glee alumna to race to the big screen.

Dear Ted:
What do you make of Tom Hardy's latest ramblings? Are they the work of a straight man, a man in denial or someone's PR hack hard at work? What's going on?

Dear Rock and a Hardy Place:
Whatever, S. Give the guy some credit for even discussing his dude-on-dude days. That's a lot more than any other buffed up action star has done lately.

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