Prepare yourselves, Twi-hards, because this is the moment we have all been waiting for. 

And as Kristen Stewart herself has proclaimed: "People will never forget Twilight."

But will we?

Quite possibly, if this trailer is any indication of what's to come.

Let's not even mention the cheesy writing (which we've always ragged on Twilight for) and just get straight to this endless battle waged between love-struck Edward (Robert Pattinson) and deliciously jealous Jacob (Taylor Lautner) coming to a penultimate climax over the fate of the ailing and pregnant, Bella Swan. 

Judging by the trailer, it's played out like three teenagers in love—not the ménage à trios of superpowered young adults caught up in a steamy and dangerous mix of emotions, as it should have been.

Instead, we get something silly and akin to One Tree Hill, Dracula-style as well as some stupid special effects.

But Summit sure has amped up the drama (along with an orchestra that's as obnoxious as Lautner's facial expressions, all two of ‘em),  but will the vampire world come out believable on the big screen? Maybe we'll all be awake to find out.

Oh, and as for the steamy love scenes we've been breathlessly anticipating for months? Not so steamy.  And Edward crushing the wall? Almost laughable. It sounded like Kristin Wiig and her girlfriends farting in Bridesmaids. Just beyond a let down.

As for the baby drama with Renesmee? K.Stew clutching her tiny stomach and getting gobs and gobs of dark makeup under her eyes did not bode well for anybody...audiences who have paid good money, in particular.

The plot's already dragging on, and this is only the trailer. 

Sound off, Twi-hards. Does this new trailer do it for you?

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