Comedy Central's Roast of Charlie Sheen certainly hasn't made it easy on itself: what with the warlock-starring promos setting such a consistently high bar for game-on hilarity, this better make for one spectacularly gut-busting night of television, or go down as a major disappointment.

Adding to the pressure is today's newly released promo, featuring Charlie parodying his famous father's most famous cinematic turn in a short fittingly entitled Sheenpocalypse.

But it's not Charlie we're giving props to for this viral gem—it's papa Martin Sheen, who, despite his noticeable absence on the roast dais, proved he can poke just as much fun at his son as the rest of the world by cameoing as a (wait for it) put-upon, curfew-enforcing father who wonders in all too Method a manner, "When will this ever end?"

No one knows. But we do know when it starts: Sept. 19 at 10 p.m.

Incidentally, lending even more credence to the parody, Roman Coppola, the son of Apocalypse Now director Francis Ford Coppola, served as a technical adviser on the spoof video, so as to match the opening shot as closely as possible to the original film. Now that's an attention to detail.

See what we mean about high expectations? Oh, and Emilio? Your turn.

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