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Dear Ted:
In Snow White and the Huntsman, is Snow White still supposed to be the fairest of them all? I mean, that's why the Queen wants her dead. I think Kristen Stewart is pretty, but that's not her style. How are they going to make her shine next to Charlize Theron? I know, here come the comments that K.S. is prettier than anyone alive, but I just don't see it in this movie. Just my opinion.

Dear Mirror, Mirror:
Here's the deal, doll: Without giving too much of the plot away, when Charlize is in full-on witchy mode, she isn't always the model-esque hottie you see in the first look. So there's a reason why she wants K.Stew's Snow White dead. That said, Kristen is definitely gorgeous in her own right, so I think it will work out just fine.

Dear Ted:
Being a fan of all the actors in the upcoming film Snow White and the Huntsman, I've noticed that Chris Hemsworth is still filming The Avengers. With SWATH coming out next June, when is he going to London to film? I know he's super buff (and sexy), but doesn't he need to get all the training and filming underway? Please reassure me!

Dear U.K. or Bust:
Don't fret, K. The producers clearly knew hunky Chris's schedule before they booked him for the gig. Just think of his superhero work as his training. He'll be cozying up to K.Stew (onscreen, of course) before you know it.

Dear Ted:
After seeing the steamy scenes between Carey Mulligan and Ryan Gosling in Drive, my interest in Carey is definitely piqued! But nothing ever gets mentioned about her except that Ryan isn't dating her. Is she just super low-key? What crowd does she run in? Who is she dating?
—Curious About Carey

Dear Par for the Course:
Dating, babe? Carey's (rumored to be) engaged! To hip indie singer Marcus Mumford. But the babe hasn't come out and confirmed it, which will surely answer your other question: Yes, she's super low-key. No wonder it didn't work out with Shia LaBeouf.

Dear Ted:
Thank you for all your work for the animals who can't speak for themselves. My adopted kitty wants to know if there are any Blind Vices on the sets of Mad Men or Magic Mike. It's hard to believe so many gorgeous guys working on Magic Mike are totally Vice-free.

Dear The Cat's Meow:
Yes and yes! But even with all that delish man candy, the Vices are far sexier on Jon Hamm's small-screen series. Pass the message along to your adorable kitty with a few kisses from me, babe! And thanks for the sweet words, much appreciated.

Dear Ted:
Is Cookie Muncher one very smart cookie both book-wise and street-wise? I think she has a charm that she definitely didn't get from growing up in a flashy area. Would you agree?

Dear Chip Fff the Old Block:
More street-smart, J. Cookie relied far more on her drop-dead gorgeous looks in life than her knowledge of ancient literature.

Dear Ted:
Do you think Robert Pattinson has ever been jealous of Taylor Lautner for taking some of his attention away?

Dear Supernatural Showdown:

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