Ashley Fink

Kristian Dowling/Picture Group for FOX

Talk about a slushie to the face.

We know that you guys are anxiously counting the minutes until the new season of Glee starts on Sept. 20, and are also wondering what fate has in store for Rachel and Finn. (Seriously, what's going on there?!)

But we've find out something else.

It looks like the show has decided to cut Ashley Fink's face time drastically. Find out more after the jump, but beware of spoilers!

E! News confirms that season three won't be seeing much of the snarky, voluptuous songbird known Lauren Zizes.

Apparently, the tough girl will become less relevant by quitting New Directions and breaking poor Puckerman's (Mark Salling) heart by putting a stop to their romance.


There's no sure-fire reason as to why production made this decision, but then again, Chris Colfer didn't know he'd be graduating off the show until he checked his Twitter.

However, in Fink's case, subtle hints were given. Apparently, Fink was not invited to the Primetime Emmy Awards or included in the New School Portraits with the rest of the cast.

Is this bogus, or did you see it coming? Let us know in the comments!

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