Jersey Shore Season 3 Cast


These guys.

The Jersey Shore folks always know how to fill every episode with a good mix of stuff: drama, fights, sentimental moments, sexy time and laughs. Can you say talent?

Anyway, tonight's episode took us on this emotional roller coaster, starting with smarty-pants Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, who was suffering after slamming his head against the wall and moping around the house with his super attractive neck brace.

If your response to that is "cry about it," well, he did.

While most of the roomies felt that Mike was milking his injury and didn't deserve any sympathy because he did it to himself, Ronnie (Yes, Ronnie. The reason this whole shenanigan occurred.) decided to have a one-on-one with his dear pal, letting him know that he could talk to him about his feelings and why he was hurt.

Um, that's cool, we guess.

Anyway, Sitch finally put on his big-man pants and ditched the neck brace along with the pity party (thank God).

Ronnie continued his free therapy when he overheard Snooki arguing with boyfriend Jionni, who apparently doesn't like to hear inappropriate things or the fact that she goes out and drinks. Hello! Do you know who you're dating?!

Ron-Ron told Snooks that she shouldn't ever feel the need to change for anyone and to just be herself. He, as well as most of the others, lost interest in Jionni after seeing Snooki cry over another fight dealing with the same thing. Yes, that's two fights. Same issue.

Moving on...

Of course, Ronnie couldn't advise everyone else without trying to fix his own problems with Sammi (again).

At first, it was the same BS of him explaining how he loved her, and Sammi making those mousy faces while preaching how she doesn't care anymore and that it doesn't matter, before ultimately saying they were going to give their relationship another shot. For the last time. Yeah, right.

Once all that was over with, it was party time!

The crew hit up club Twenty-One, which was packed and seemed like a blast, until some random girl decided to start a fight with Deena by throwing a drink on her. You know what that means...

Meatballs attack!

Snooki, like a good friend, had her girl's back in the fight. However, they started fighting each other in the midst of everything without knowing it.

Whoops! They're so silly.

But in the end, we'd have to argue that the best moment from tonight's episode, was when Pauly D and Vinny became the "ultimate guidos" and kindly taught everyone that in order to achieve that lifestyle, all you need is F-P-C.

Fist-pump. Push-ups. Chapstick.

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