Wendi McLendon-Covey, Alex Pettyfer

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for HUGO BOSS; Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

As if we weren't already excited for Magic Mike to flash its G-string in cineplexes.

Well now we're going to get a few jokes to accompany the possibility of full-on man meat, ‘cause The Hollywood Reporter just revealed that the stripper flick nabbed a familiar face from one of this year's biggest blockbuster hits: Wendi McLendon-Covey.

Recognize her smiling mug?

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She was one of the scene-stealin' bridesmaids in, well, Bridesmaids.

Wendi's reps confirmed to us that she is indeed going to appear in the movie. And while there's not too much info on what role she'll play in M.M., we're positive Wendi will bring her signature brand of humor to the big screen for this flick, too.

"It's supposed to be edgy," a knowledgeable source on the pic tells us. "But it's going to be funny, too."

Well duh. You can't shimmy your banana hammock without a little bit of humor. And we're thrilled that there's a chick providing the comic relief. (We mean Wendi; we doubt fellow female costar Olivia Munn will prove very humorous, but we're willing to be surprised).

It's about time we busted down some more stereotypes in this town. How many times have we seen guys yuk it up while exploiting chick's naked bodies?

So we say hell yes to funny broads and muscled-up men. Good for you, Hollywood!

We can't wait for this movie to hit theaters, so we're relieved to know that cameras are supposed to start rolling next Wednesday here in naughty L.A.

So who do we phone to plan a set visit?

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