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In case you were avoiding all media outlets yesterday, let us get you up to speed.

Our dear Reese Witherspoon was working on her fitness by jogging around Santa Monica, when—BAM!—a car hit her!

OK, it wasn't that dramatic. Luckily, the actress only suffered minor injuries after being clipped by the 84-year-old driver, and was able to rest back at her house after being taken to the hospital.

So maybe that's why Jason Biggs felt it was appropriate to joke about the situation, by tweeting...

"I just heard the news about Reese Witherspoon doing a voice in 'Cars 3'. Wow!"

OMG, you guys. That is so funny! Except it's not.

There's no history of the two being BFF, so we really can't comprehend why Biggs would tweet something like when it could've been a tragic event.

But then again, judging by all his other posts, that just seems to be the pie-humper's steez.

What do you think? Was the actor's tweet unnecessary or are we being party poopers? Let us know in the comments!

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