Dancing with the Stars Season 13 Cast


Winning Dancing With the Stars takes poise, grace, hard work and merely a sliver of celebrity status. But mostly the audience only cares about one thing: Can you dance?

Rob Kardashian and Kristin Cavallari are sure as hell working their tails off to prove that yes, they can. Especially if their pro partners have their way: Rob is paired up with Cheryl Burke, while Kristin will be getting her samba on with Mark Ballas. And when we stopped by their rehearsals to see how things were going, we got Rob and Cheryl to talk about their first dance, while Kristin revealed a little secret about her Dancing With the Stars past…

Apparently, DWTS has been after Kristin for years! Well, 13th season's a charm as they nobody says, and she reaons that it was all about the timing for her. "They've asked me every season pretty much to do it, and I was always so nervous because I hate being in front of a live audience. That's why I always said no," she tells us. "But for whatever reason this time I was just like, 'I don't know, maybe its just the perfect time.'"

Coincidentally, Kristin does need a distraction to keep her broken engagement to Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler off her mind—and off her lips. "I'm sick of talking about it to be honest," she says. "I'm sick of the sympathy. I'd rather just move on, and I'm starting over."

Meanwhile, Rob has less personal motivations for dancing hard, but it does involve his famous family. "[Kim] knows that I better beat her. She wants me to beat her and do well," he tells us. "I have a lot of confidence with Cheryl and her teaching abilities and that we are going to do awesome."

Speaking of sibling rivalry, Rob picked which sister he hopes will be the next to make him an uncle for the second time. "Hopefully Khloé because they've been trying longer than Kim and Kris," he says.

As we all know, first impressions are crucial on DWTS, so that first dance can make or break you. "I think we're just going to go for the classy look because we are doing the Viennese waltz," Cheryl reveals to us. "So there will definitely not be any tearing off pieces of clothing."

No bodice-ripping dance numbers? We doubt that promise will be kept for the entire competition.

Check out our full interview with Rob and Kristin below, and get ready for Dancing with the Stars season 13 to get going on Sept. 19. Will you be watching?

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