Taylor Lautner, Lily Collins

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Dear Ted:
Last time I asked you about Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins you claimed they were nothing more than friends. Seventeen magazine just did an interview with Mr. Lautner, where he introduced Lily as his girlfriend, as well as gave her longing looks and kisses in between shots for the photo shoot. So what gives? Sounds like boyfriend-girlfriend to me. And don't say this is all PR for Abduction coming out. This has been going on since last summer. That's an awfully long time for a showmance.

Dear Tough Love:
Sure, something actually happened between Taylor and Lily on the Abduction set. And Seventeen's press-time deadline was months ago. That doesn't mean the kids are still up to something, because I'm told they're not.

Dear Ted:
Does Carmelita Salami-Climber actually believe she is in love? Or is it a legit contract between her and her suitor? And how soon do you believe the two will call it quits? Do Carmelita and her man currently bed others outside their relaysh?

Dear Jaded:
Not everybody in Hollywood is contractually bound, marriage-wise! And even though Carmelita's not an exception here (iron-clad prenup), she does completely and wholly love her man. And that makes her a bit of an anomaly. And no, the relationship is most definitely not open. I give them two years, max.

Dear Ted:
I am all about my hunky honey Alexander Skarsgård, but does his ex, Kate Bosworth have a Blind Vice?

Dear I'm Bored Already:
Only as a fairly insignificant supporting character.

Dear Ted:
I always suspected that we were soul mates, and last week when you publicly declared yourself Team Bill, well, you sealed the deal. I agree that Eric is yummy, but Bill is the vamp for Sookie! I think we are in the minority with our opinion. In any case, let's move on to other burning questions: Does Hard-Nipple Nick's wife fool around with the ladies or the men on the side? You have mentioned that he likes the boys, but what about her?

Dear Partner in Sublime:
Oh, sweets, whatever floats her boat. She's far less picky than her hubby!

Dear Ted:
Why is there so much hate out there for Dianna Agron? With all the causes and groups she stands up for, she seems like a pretty tolerant, sweet girl. She obviously can't be too bad of an actress since she made us all hate Quinn. I understand Chord Overstreet's lack of screen time in the Glee movie, but why was Dianna featured so little?

Dear Blonde Ambition:
Because she's never been used that much, period. Nothing new here. And I guess she's just seen as a little chilly, a little too perfectly blonde? Funny. Couldn't be further from the truth.

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