Yes, it's a bit strange to see Peter Facinelli not playing the father figure to a clan of seriously hot vampires.

Obviously, the guy can play other characters, but watching him go from Carlisle Cullen's calm, paternal reassurance to his role as a single, no-attachments pickpocket who oozes charm in his new flick Loosies (which the actor actually wrote himself), can be double-take inducing. Check it out...

One thing's for certain: The life of a pickpocket as Facinelli portrays it looks pretty fun—fancy suits, free cab rides, a good excuse to take a pretty lady who you ripped off "lost her wallet" out to dinner.

But it can't be a party all the time. Pretty soon, the consequences of his carefree lifestyle come back in a big way...and this freewheeling petty thief is going to have to step up in a serious way.

What do you think? Ready to check out Loosies when it hits theaters?

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