Robert Pattinson

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Dear Ted:
Has Robert Pattinson become a snob? Considering how wealthy and famous he is, I was wondering if he still treated "normal" people with respect or if he tends to just treat people like he's superior. Have you heard anything like that?
—Watergurl 123

Dear Get Real:
No. If anything, Robert  goes out of his way to treat his fans as normally as he can—despite the fact that they try to devour him 24/7. I know for a fact Pattinson has done things on media tours he was specifically told not to do—just so he could make some folks happy. More of a mystery is why the hell R.P. stayed away from England until yesterday, when his woman was over there for ages. I mean, there's independence, and then there's just plain stupidity.

Dear Ted:
Loved your Against All Odds love stories gallery. When flipping through the pictures I suddenly realized, most of these couples are all-time A.T. Blind Vicers, so I'm starting a new game. True or false, out of the 14 pictures, including the inspiration for the gallery, only three are not Blind Vicers. They are, of course, King Edward III and Ms. Simpson, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Jennifer Aniston. Am I close, cold or hot?

Dear Close:
Actually, the correct answer is two.

Dear Ted:
What's up with Jennifer Aniston and her beau, Justin Theroux? Is Jen really pregnant? That would be great; they are going to have beautiful babies.

Dear Of Course:
Absolutely it would be great, only Camp Jen says nada on the preggers sitch. But if that statement is true, and Jen does want kids (which she's always said she does, though I'm not sure I believe it), she had better get started, already!

Dear Ted:
Are Sebastian Stan and Dianna Agron the real deal, because we all know what happened with Dianna's previous relationship. And what's up with her newly found circle of friends? She hangs out with lots of party people and is becoming hippier instead of that angelic persona that we all love. Is she still the sweet, innocent Dianna that I fell in love with or has she changed?

Dear Fame Game:
Yeah, she's changed a little—how can you not with that degree of fame? But Dianna's still pretty cool, from what I hear, and Sebastian is a huge improvement over Alex Pettyfer.

Dear Ted:
Ryan Gosling is just so darn handsome, and it seems like he's quite the charmer. So since this Eva Mendes date was at Disneyland, I gotta ask: Does he really have game? I mean, how many dates is this at Disney?!

Dear Don't Get It:
Asking if Ryan Gosling has game is like wondering if Justin Timberlake's going to break Jessica Biel's heart again. You are friggin' blind if you can't see how Eva Mendes is just the latest in a long line of babes The Notebook star's taken her for a roller-coaster ride, and I don't just mean at Disneyland. The point is not where the ride's going on, just that it's a fun ride—and it always is with Ryan, guaranteed.

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