Mark Ronson, Josephine de la Baum, Villa Gallici

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Sorry ladies, Mark Ronson is off the market.

The gorgeous British musician has married his strikingly beautiful lingerie model girlfriend, Josephine de la Baume, in a ceremony at a villa in France, his sister Charlotte confirms to E! News.

See all the wedding details, and more on the bride, here...

Charlotte, a designer, had told E! News about her brother's nuptials last week, joking that she wished he hadn't chosen a date so close to New York Fashion Week and that she had to design her line earlier as a result of the trip, but that in the end, it's not all about her.

Mark and his beautiful bride, who began dating in 2009, flew friends and family to Aix-en-Provence, France, for the wedding, which took place near where Josephine was born, at the Villa Gallici.

And being a top model, of course, Mark's new missus has famous designer friends, one of which offered to make her dress for the big day, per ASOS magazine.

"He [Zac Posen] offered to do it," she said. "He's an amazing friend and I love his dresses. They're so well fitted."

Kate Moss, Lily Allen and Sean Lennon were among the guests that came to celebrate, along with Mark's other sister, Sam.

Mark, who is most famous for his collaborations with Amy Winehouse, proposed earlier this year to Josephine, a beauty who is one of the perfect bodies often posing for high-end lingerie company Agent Provocateur. (See her in action above.)

The couple plan to split their time between London, Paris and New York.


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