Heather Morris


Dear Ted:
I have a question about Heather Morris' photoshoot. I personally love Heather Morris, and think she's awesome. Are the pictures really glorifying domestic violence, or are people being too serious about the pictures? I like art, and hate when people say modeling ads make women look weak and submissive. Is that's what is happening here, and does HeMo have a Vice? Thanks! Congrats on quitting the cigs.

Dear Overreactor:
Thanks for the kind words. As far as Heather Morris goes, we don't quite get the "beat up Barbie" look they are going for, but who are we to say? I think some critics might be taking this domestic violence thing a little far, though. We would never condone hitting people, period, obviously.

Dear Ted:
Longtime fan of the A.T. Re: Kristen Stewart, while I don't personally care if she or Rob are dating, how come no one ever mentions the fact that she has no girlfriends to hang with? There are never any pics of her just spending time dining, shopping, or whatever with any girls her own age. That's just wrong to me. She's like what 21-22 ish? Only hanging out with Rob's friends makes her seems a bit desperate and clingy. Don't you think? And don't say, it's because she's "too big" of a star to do those kinds of things. We see other a-listers her age all the time chillin' with their friends...Emma Stone, Taylor Swift, etc. Your thoughts?
—A Girl's Girl

Dear Chick With a Whip:
Who are you to define Kristen's personal time? Kristen has always been a bit of a tomboy, maybe she simply prefers hanging with the boys? Not every girls hangs and gets her hair and makeup done all day. She doesn't strike me as a Girl's Girl like you. And she's certainly not desperate or clingy. Look, when you're busy all day, everyday, you choose the people you want to spend your free time with. If I were her, I'd spend it with R. Patz, too. Can't fault her for that.

Dear Ted:
You said Brit-Brit's dark days are dunzo...so will she split from Team Spears and take control of herself? She may be living the good life now, but she still seems so sad and her appearances seem forced. I know it's tough to come back the way she did and as a Brit fan, I'm proud. Any hope for her?

Dear Hell, Yeah:
Britney's back and that doesn't mean she needs to be hanging from a chandelier. I'm sure she is thoroughly prepared before every appearance. Even though she's doing amazingly well right now, some damage control is still underway. She is back with her old manager and we all think that is a good thing. Team Spears is a-ok—because of pops—in our book. Think Dina and Lindsay Lohan for exact opposite scenario.

Dear Ted:
A coffin that he sleeps in when the sun rises? LOL RT @theawfultruth: What Could Marc Anthony Possibly Be Hiding?

Dear Truth Slayer:
Marc may be hiding a coffin that he tucks away somewhere on the 10+ acres on Long Island but we know there is (much) more. It doesn't that a genius to see that he is not telling us the whole truth.

Dear Ted:
It takes a long time to build those Hunger Games sites! Not sure u can call it a copycat. 

Dear Short Sighted:
Oh, calm down, we aren't saying that they completely copied Pottermore, we are simply saying that there are a lot of comparisons between the two. And are you absolutely sure you went to the new Hunger Games website? That probably took all of 1.5 seconds.

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