Ryan Reynolds, Sandra Bullock

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Dear Ted:
I will admit I have been a very bad bitchling and haven't been keeping up with your goss as of late. I just read somewhere that Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds are dating and he's even thinking of adopting baby Louis. I call BS, but I figured I'd ask you as you are the only person I trust!

Dear Fast Lane:
Take that with a grain of tabloid salt, dear. Actually, just forget it ‘cause while Ry may be playing with Louis while hangin' with the tot's mama, there are no plans to make it a permanent arrangement. Yet. Sandra's not afraid to get her cougar on (remember when she dated Ryan Gosling?), and she and Ryan are enjoying their time together.

Dear Ted:
Is Dougy Dry-Hump Bones star David Boreanaz? My rescue dachshund and poodle would love to know.

Dear Slippery When Wet:
That's funny, J, your dogs are curious about another dawg! But while Davey certainly has his Vicey secrets, he isn't our douchetastic Doug. Actually, David is having a lot more career success these days than Mr. Dry-Hump. Kisses to your pups though!

Dear Ted:
My four rescued felines and I love the current crop of superhero flicks. OK, so we really love the guys—Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth in particular. Do any of these men lead Vice-filled lives? How about some of the other hot guys lighting up the superhero screen?

Dear Super Vice:
Nope, tho if you're looking for a sexy Chris who's got a moniker, you might want to check in on Chris Pine. He's not a superhero, but he did the whole futuristic save the world schtick in Star Trek, so that kinda counts right?

Dear Ted:
I just read the announcement for the new Dancing With the Stars cast. Normally I'm not into the show, but let's be honest, I'll probably watch just to see Rob Kardashian potentially shirtless. Since he and Kristin Cavallari are both single, hot reality stars, is there any chance of an onset hookup between these two? How steamy would that be? Yet awkward at the same time since she used to date Brody Jenner, Rob's step-brother. Talk about sibling rivalry!

Dear Sleeping With the Stars:
Oh, it's more than a possibility, S. With all those single gals shakin' it for the judges, I'm positive Robby will find a new beau. And don't fret about Brody Jenner's feelings—he's got Avril Lavigne to keep him company. As for the drama factor? It's K.Cav; she loves drama.

Dear Ted:
I agree, Taylor Swift had no interest in more with Taylor Lautner. I hear she's back seeing "Dear John" on the sly again and has been since she was supposedly sick with bronchitis. So much for her claim in an interview that she wants to date someone that won't hide their relationship. If she is seeing John Mayer again, do you think either of them will acknowledge it before J.M. dumps her again for press for his new album release?
—A Sinner

Dear All Grown Up:
You might want to check your ears, doll, ‘cause I hear way differently. Taylor (Swift, that is) learned her lesson the first time around with John. And she's a smart enough gal to know that she'll get burned again if she returns to the playboy musician.

Dear Ted:
What's the latest on Shafterella Shoshstein? This babe is not the shy retiring type is she? How deep are her talons sunk into her new guy? Or is it the other way around?

Dear Give the Shaft:
Deep, Patty. He knows who's the boss in that relaysh.

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