Brad Pitt

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Is it too much to ask Brad Pitt to go gay, even just once?!

Calm down, Angelina Jolie: We mean play gay, of course, and on the big screen.

We thought our wish had finally come true, too, when we heard that Braddy-boy was teaming up with Glee's Ryan Murphy on The Normal Heart, which centers on gay rights activist Larry Kramer.

But don't pre-order your tickets yet, fellas:

Brad's only producing the movie with his company, Plan B.

The flick centers on Larry's HIV/AIDs awareness and gay rights activism in the '80s. Sounds tres Oscar-worthy to us, which would be the perfect time for B.P.—who's never done guy-on-guy for a role—to get his Milk on. Everybody knows playing gay gets you the Oscar gold: Just ask Sean Penn Tom Hanks and Philip Seymour Hoffman, for starters.

And Brad is a real life supporter of gay marriage, after all. Maybe this time art can imitate real life?

Instead, the lead role is going to Mark Ruffalo. He's delish, sure, but he isn't a two-time People's Sexiest Man Alive.

Sure, we loved watching Brad Benjamin Button his way from geezer baby to baby geezer and we're sure we'll tune in to watch him fend off zombies in World War Z, but he's long overdue to play a gay character in one of his sure-to-be-hit films.

And we know his wifey-poo isn't holding him back.

Not only has Ange played gay on the silver screen (hello, Gia!) but she even used to sometimes play gay in real life too. Heck, we're surprised she hasn't helped Brad pick out the perfect gay character herself.

So get on it, Brad! And Ange, you show him how to do it!

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