Who's Hotter in Tights: New Superman Henry Cavill or New Spider-Man Andrew Garfield?

Which actor looks the best in their respective superhero costumes?

By Peter Gicas Sep 01, 2011 3:31 PMTags
Andrew Garfield, HENRY CAVILL, SpidermanJohn Schwartzman/Columbia Pictures; Clay Enos/Warner Bros.

OK. So we've already analyzed, maybe even overanalyzed a bit, the costumes created for both the Spider-Man and Superman reboots that will be making their way, eventually, into theaters.

But, seriously, when it's all said and done, do color schemes and capes really matter? Well, maybe for diehard fanboys and girls they do. But, for most, there's really only one discussion to be had...

Who looks hotter? Andrew Garfield or Henry Cavill?

Sure, both are handsome lads, and they certainly have no problem filling out their respective skintight suits. But does one manage to do it better than the other?

Well, so far, we've already heard from a couple of peeps regarding Garfield's getup.

Spider-Man cocreator Stan Lee recently said the actor "looks just perfect to me" and costar Emma Stone pointed out that "he looks amazing in the suit."

No word yet, though, from folks regarding Cavill and his costume. At least until now, we hope.

So sound off in the comments section and tell us which hero hunk brings the heat!