Good help is so hard to find. Good help that doesn't try to get fresh with you, anyway.

Sarah Jessica Parker learned that lesson the hard way while making the promotional rounds in Moscow this week, when a cheeky fan (who was also reportedly acting as a bodyguard for the star) tried to leave with a souvenir that she wasn't quite ready to give.

Namely, a kiss.

The fan encounter went down outside the city's Bolshoi Theatre, and took place while SJP, fresh off of making a press appearance for I Don't Know How She Does It, stood to pose with bodyguard Oleg Donstov and a group of fans.

Perhaps sensing a once in a lifetime Kodak moment, Donstov—clearly a fan, as just moments before he stood still while Parker signed his chest—waited until everyone had posed and the photo was about to be taken before making his move, slickly puckering up in an oversize attempt to plant one on the A-lister.

Her response? A schoolgirl squeal if ever we heard one. For her part, Parker managed to laughingly wriggle out of the faux embrace, honor intact. (So stand down, Matthew Broderick!)

So he didn't get the kiss, but he got a pretty game kiss-off. We'd say that the best he could've hoped for in this situation.

As for Donstov, he was quoted in Scotland's Daily Record saying that his fanboy moment, amusingly caught on tape, may cost him his job. Of course, that post script comes from the same paper which claimed that Donstov ripped open his shirt and practically assaulted the star, leaving her screaming in terror, which is clearly not the case. So…grain of salt, and all that.

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