Guess Who, Twitter


Is there nothing Twitter can't be used for? After all, it helps starts feuds, allows haters to anonymously bash celebrities and, of course, indulges stars who want to pawn off their tatty old belongings.

Wait, what?

That, at least, is what one hot young TV star got up to this week, when he decided to give away his more than gently used leather couch by posting it online. Rather fittingly, it could be yours for a song.

So who's couch is it?

Cory Monteith

Mathew Imaging/

Now is the time to Gleek out, people: It's Cory Monteith's!

Posting under his nom de tweet, Frankenteen, the Glee hunk made his followers an offer they couldn't refuse—or, rather, an offer they probably could refuse were it made by anyone other than Monteith.

His sales pitch, after all, did leave a little to be desired.

"Doing a little spring cleaning around the house, we got this couch to get rid of…any takers? It's super crappy!" he tweeted.

Well, when you put it like that...yeah, we're sure there are a few million people who wouldn't mind taking it off your hands, Cor.

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