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Wait, Charlie Sheen may actually, really, be #winning.

Not the crazy torpedo tour, goddess keeping or warlock talk winning, but real-life big-money lawsuit battle winning.

As if Sheen's war with Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre and Warner Bros. weren't public enough, now an arbitrator overseeing the case has denied the studio a request for a gag order in the court case, per the Hollywood Reporter.

So what exactly does this all mean?

It means we're probably going to be hearing lots of crazy talk from the Vatican warlock assassin as this case unfolds. Both Sheen and Warner Bros. (whoever wants to publicly go up against the nutter) are free to discuss the case with the media while it's being settled.

The press still isn't invited to attend arbitration hearings, and they can't view confidential details that are "sensitive and proprietary," like medical and financial records, but we're sure we'll be getting a mouthful of updates on the case from Sheen that will be pretty juicy.

Back in June, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge ruled that the case would be disputed privately and would not be headed to a public trial. Sheen had wanted the trial to be public. Lawyers for Warner Bros. and Lorre argued no way to a court battle because Sheen had turned on them so publicly.

Currently, both sides are beginning depositions and getting their cases in order. Sheen claims he was fired because Lorre had a personal beef with him and his public rants against him and the way he ran the show. Warner Bros. says Sheen was unable to perform his acting duties on the show because he was, ya know, acting crazy.

All in all, this is a small win for Sheen, who with an upcoming Comedy Central Roast starring him on the table, is now free to rant all he wants about the case and Lorre. 

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