Love and marriage has done Ed O'Neill well over the years.

The sitcom star received the 2,446th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today, and both his current wife and the spouse who was by his side for 10 years turned out to honor him in front of an adoring crowd.

Oh, and we mean his wives from Modern Family and Married... With Children, obviously.

"When I was in Colombia and I was a young, very beautiful girl, I would watch Married... With Children, with Ed with his hand in his pants, talking with this very sexy Antonio Banderas accent—because in Colombia it was dubbed into Spanish,"  joked Sofia Vergara, who plays the 65-year-old's awfully hot, young wife on Modern Family.

"So he talked perfect Spanish, and there I was sitting, and I would never in a million years think that I was going to grow up to marry Al Bundy," she continued. "Never, even if somebody had paid me to believe that...But to marry Al Bundy has been one of the most joyful things in my whole life."

It was O'Neill's first TV wife who kicked off the proceedings, however.

"I want to tell Eddie, he's one lucky mo-fo," offered Katey Sagal, who played the insufferable and long-suffering Peg Bundy. "Here he's got these two beautiful women that he's had in his life, hopefully this one as long as he's had me," she added, gesturing toward Vergara. "And I'm sure he will."

Then it was the man of the hour's turn to speak.

"As I'm standing here, it's a bit emotional," O'Neill began, "I can't help thinking that somewhere in the world, at this moment in a hospital, a beautiful little baby girl is being born. And when she grows up she's going to be my next wife on TV, and I look forward to that day."

But, more seriously, he added, "This is overwhelming. I want to thank the fans for being here. No fans, no show, no career."

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