Preparations for the upcoming Charlie Sheen roast are moving full speed ahead. Thanks, in part, to the guest of honor of himself.

Just one week after we got to witness the former Two and a Half Men star ride a torpedo Dr. Strangelove-style, along comes two more promos for the Comedy Central event airing on Sept. 19.

In the first one above, Sheen is seen at the controls of a train while informing the colorful group of passengers that the Roast Express will be taking them to such places as "Goddess Harbor," "Winnington" and "Tiger Valley." When asked by one of the bimbos on board if the train happens to stop at Normalville, Sheen's reply is not exactly surprising.

"Honey, we left there a long time ago," says Sheen.

The second spot finds us on the same train, but with the Vatican Warlock Assassin now questioning Comedy Central's attempt to roast him.

"That's like trying to reason with a volcano," he points out. "Like trying to duct tape the wind to the ground. It's like trying to catch a tsunami in a sippy cup. Good luck, mortals."

So, just who are these so-called mortals?

Well, for starters, there's Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, who will serve as roast master. Plus, it's just been announced that Jackass star Steve-O, TMZ honcho Harvey Levin and former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson will be taking jabs at Sheen along with previously announced roasters Anthony Jeselnik and Jeff Ross.

While more folks will be added to the panel soon, one person, in particular, doesn't seem to be willing to set fire to his ex costar. Jon Cryer has reportedly insisted he won't be there to torch his troubled former colleague.

That's OK. We have a feeling those in attendance will more than make up for his absence.

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