George Clooney


It's good to be friends with George Clooney!

Just ask Evan Rachel Wood and Marisa Tomei.

After costarring with and being directed by the newly single actor in their upcoming movie Ides of March, they scored invites to his vacation home on Lake Como over the weekend.

The group was snapped boating and drinking cocktails together, but where was fellow foxy castmate Ryan Gosling?

Ryan was MIA from the cast soiree as he's back in L.A. prepping to do press for his new flick Drive. Too bad he wasn't busy breaking up more street fights.

We highly doubt he'd be left off the invite list for the Italian getaway; Ryan recently sang George's praises to New York magazine.

Clooney's possible new love interest, Stacy Keibler, wasn't spotted on this particular getaway, but his BFFs Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber were also there to join in the fun.

It's good that George is getting in some rest and relaxation, as my Awful Truth amigo is hearing he had to bow out of a movie due to his lingering back injury.

If he needs someone to nurse him back to health (or come hang on his boat), we'll volunteer!

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