Dancing with the Stars Season 13 Cast


They certainly are an odd bunch, aren't they?

The new cast of Dancing With the Stars is quite possibly one of the most random groups we've seen yet on the show, but that doesn't mean they aren't taking this task very seriously. But all we've gotten from the stars so far has been tweets of excitement. Finally, we get to hear from Chaz Bono, Kristin Cavallari, Nancy Grace and the rest about their decision to join the show. Kelly Monaco, star of E!'s new reality series Dirty Soap, chatted with the cast right after the announcement, and you'll never guess who someone pegged as their biggest competition...

David Arquette!

"Every time I open up The Inquirer or The Globe, there he is dancing!" says Grace, who also names Hope Solo and Ricki Lake as threats. Before you laugh about Arquette being a fierce competitor, you should know he's not taking DWTS lightly. That's right, the class clown is in it to win it.

"I will bring it," he assures us. "I don't want to be goofy or silly. I love a good '70s outfit, so I'll bring that. But I want it to be true to the dance style. I intend on challenging myself as much as I can. I really love the cast. Really what it all comes down to is a personal challenge and a bond with my partner."

Newly single Cavallari reveals that keeping her mind off a broken engagement is one of the reasons she signed up. "What better time to do it and to stay busy and hopefully get in great shape," she says. "I got my first spray tan ever last night. Now I'm a real dancer! I'm so excited."

When we asked about who her partner was, a huge smile broke out on her face, but of course she wouldn't reveal who it was. "When I found out I was like, 'Yes! That's who I wanted!' " Hmmm, now who would Cavallari be overly excited about dancing the samba with?

We won't get partner names until later, but until then we can certainly speculate. Check out the rest of the interviews below, and then start your guessing on partner pairings and frontrunners in the comments!

WATCH NOW! The new DWTS cast is ready to get down!

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