Sure, everyone wants $250,000, but who's actually glad to "be out of that f--king crazy house"?

Last week, it came down to Vienna Girardi's boyfriends, both old and new, Jake Pavelka and Kasey Kahl. Host Chris Harrison said, "Kasey," and the show abruptly ended, leaving fans debating as to who really got the boot.

A surprising number of people thought it was actually Kasey who got sent home, despite the evidence to the contrary. Finally, tonight we found out what exactly Harrison was up to...

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Yup, he was booting Jake. He said that the man who didn't hear his name was leaving, and...Harrison wasn't messing around.

"The devil's gone," Kasey said triumphantly, while Jake meekly reminded the remaining housemates that it was time to start voting off the power couples. But Jake was indeed the one who says he's kind of glad to be out of the "f--king crazy house." So, farewell to him!

He missed the kissing competition, though...

Blake Julian was determined to win the rose on the men's side, and he did after smooching the pants off (metaphorically, of course!) of everyone except Vienna, who received chaste kisses from everyone but Kasey.

Meaning, Blake didn't lay off when it came to Holly Durst, whom he obviously is way more interested in than Melissa Schreiber, who thought that his in-it-to-win-it kiss meant more than it did.

For her part, Holly was in it to win it, too, and although she found her lengthy lip-lock with her ex-fiancé, Michael Stagliano, to be very "natural and normal," she had a great time kissing Blake.

And then he ended up asking Holly to go out with him! Cue the hysteria!

Melissa indeed promised Blake, "This. Will. Trash. You." Then she marched right over to Michael and told him, "[Holly] doesn't give a s--t about you," and assured him that Holly and Blake were out to screw everybody.

Bitter, much?

Michael remained far more concerned about ripping Blake's face off than getting mad at Holly, so that's cool (aw, and sad) but Melissa's rampage continued, to little avail.

So, Blake and Holly went off on an overnight ski date and had a great time, while poor Michael was pining away for her at home.

And when Holly got home, Michael immediately decided he had to declare his love and get back together with her...

But then she admitted that she and Blake had kissed on the date, and it was back to square one. (P.S.: Ella Nolan won the kissing contest for the ladies and went out on a very sweet—aka noncontroversial—date with Kirk DeWindt.)

And in the end, Melissa's attitude got her kicked off of Bachelor Pad, despite her frenzied attempts to rally the troops. William Holman (yes, he was still around) left along with her.

"He is the salt of the earth, the greatest guy, and he does not deserve to be going home," remarked Michelle Money after William left.

Huh, who knew?!

(Originally published Aug. 29, 2011, at 7:30 p.m. PT)

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