Ryan Reynolds has definitely been having a blockbuster year. He's starred as a superhero (Green Lantern) and got his laughs on with Jason Bateman in The Change-Up.

But did you know Ryan has also given high drama a try? That's right. And he isn't just partaking in any ole drama. He's pairing up with Julia Roberts and Willem Dafoe for Fireflies in the Garden. Check out the trailer and see if dramatic Ryan is to your liking.

First off, everything is more serious when there's a beard involved.

Fireflies is the intense story of a grown man who must try to reconnect with his abusive father (Dafoe) following the tragic death of his mother (Roberts).

We have to say this is some range we haven't seen from Reynolds before. It's no secret the guy's a comic natural, but with his new action-hero status and this flick showing off his serious-actor muscles, we're seeing a whole new side of the guy.

Fireflies in the Garden comes to theaters Oct. 14. What do you think? Can Ryan hold his own as a dramatic star or should he stick to the comedy?

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