Jon Hamm

Courtesy: Jason Merritt/Getty Images For Belvedere RED

While Shia LaBeouf was apparently duking it out with Marilyn Manson's entourage, a handful of other celebs were enjoying a much calmer night at Friday's Belvedere Red Party.

A much calmer night filled with plenty of nudity, that is 'cause Belvedere brought N.Y.'s very raunchy The Box show to club Paul and Andre in Hollywood. And while we're sure Jon Hamm's Mad Men alter ego would have enjoyed the X-rated acrobats onstage, Jon couldn't have seemed less interested...

Instead, while the nearly naked ladies romped onstage, he had his nose buried in his phone.

The muy handsome star was seated in a corner booth with costar John Slattery throughout much of the show. But don't think he was texting away the whole night, ‘cause one par-tick act grabbed his attention.

A shirtless dude doing circus tricks with a Chihuahua!

"He was watching and was giggling away during the guy's performance," a fellow partygoer reveals of the act, which had the muscled hunk doing various gymnastics moves alongside his loyal pup.

Sounds hilar to us too, Jon!

Pumping her blood more than her delts a few tables over was H'wood party staple Lindsay Lohan.

The hell-bent broad was seated at a large table with Kellan Lutz (tho the two only socialized with their respective peeps) and chitchatted with her talent manager and various friends while the show was going on.

And despite tabloid rumors that the Betty Ford alumna has been back to her wild ways lately—apparently doing shots at Kim Kardashian's wedding and downing three bottles of wine with mama Dina Lohan while out to dinner—at an alcohol-sponsored party, no less, the broad seemed to stay sober this time around.

"I didn't see her having any drinks," a spy within the shindig spills. "She just spent the whole night chain smoking."

One vice for another Vice, right?

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