Selena Gomez, Emma Watson, Kate Middleton, Mila Kunis, Queens of Summer

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Best of Summer

What could make the summer of 2011 even hotter? A new round in our Queen of Summer tournament that sees four more hotties brought back into the fold thanks to your wild card votes!

You'll no doubt remember how we asked you to sound off on who you wanted to get a second chance at the crown. Well the results are in, and these four ladies have their work cut out for them as they go up against round two winners Selena Gomez, Emma Watson, Kate Middleton and Mila Kunis.

So who's getting an opportunity to take home the title?

Queens of Summer Tournament

We asked you to take to the comments and Twitter to make sure your favorite star made it into the tournament, and your voices were heard!

When everything had settled, your chosen wild card four were: Jennifer Aniston, Lea Michele, Blake Lively and by a definitive margin, Emma Stone.

These ladies definitely had summers worthy of a queen and are more than fitting for a second chance at the title. But the round two winners make up some serious competition. Can the wild cards take advantage of this opportunity? Vote now!

Who's the 2011 Queen of Summer, Round 4
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