Pitbull, Lindsay Lohan

Gustavo Caballero/FilmMagic; Toby Canham/Getty Images

If Lindsay Lohan has anything to say about it, Pitbull is going to face the music.

As we're sure you've already heard, LiLo wants the rapper to pony up some serious dough for mentioning her time in the slammer.

And while a Hollywood lawyer told us the lawsuit-lovin' broad doesn't seem to have a case, we decided to ask Pitbull's pal Nayer, who appears on the track, what she thought:

"At first I was shocked, I was like 'Is it real? No it's bull,'" Nayer told us on the black carpet at yesterday's Video Music Awards. "But she absolutely has a case going."

That's not to say Nayer thinks Linds will win. Or even that she should win.

"I do know when Pitbull did the song," the songstress revealed, "the message of the song is a positive message. He even says it at the beginning, 'I took my life from a negative to a positive, I just want you guys to know that,' so it's not a negative song."

So maybe Lindsay should be reading more lyrics than just the ones that name drop her? Heck, maybe Pitbull could even sit the Mean Girl down and try to help her sort out her hot mess of a life.

Nayer seems to want the whole sitch to go away tho, spilling, "I don't know why circumstances have become what they have but it is what it is."

We do, babe: cold, hard cash.

Don't worry though, Linds hasn't let this legal snafu get in the way of her no-work, all-fun lifestyle. But more on that shortly...

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