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With all the excitement from the VMAs Sunday night (Beyoncé is knocked up?!!) we thought we'd give you some bonus time to DVR this week's True Blood before we gathered 'round the blolumn water cooler to discuss the latest Bon Temps trouble.

And there's plenty of trouble these days.

'Cause last week's episode ended with Eric and Bill dueling to the death, with Sookie trapped in the middle (of course). So what's the fate of our fave vamps?

Eric's Back!

Say adios to the adorably clueless Eric (Alexander Skarsgård). As you'll remember, those pesky witches ordered him to kill King Bill (Stephen Moyer). Well, after a bit of blood was spilled, Sookie (Anna Paquin) stepped in and used her fairy powers to break up the fisticuffs, which also zapped the viking's memories back into his blondie noggin.

And even though Eric was still game for the lovey-dovey stuff after having his (mucho long) life flash before his eyes, Sookie decided that was the opportune time to tell him she was still in love with Bill. Oh boo-hoo, I'm torn between two supernatural studs...Sounds like a total #whitegirlproblem to us!

RIP, Tommy, You'll Be Missed...Kinda.

Tommy (Marshall Allman) decided to do his first good deed, like, ever and wound up getting himself killed. After pulling a skinwalker switcheroo and fighting in Sam's place, Tommy got the crapola kicked out of him and refused to let Alcide take him to the hospital (why? that's a good question and one we cannot answer for the life of us).

Instead, Tommy went back to Sam's place where he got all teary eyed and apologized to his bro and then bit it. Now Sam's on the werewolf war path and nobody's had time to pour any champagne out for Tommy during Merlotte's happy hour. Totally disrespectful, we say.

Witches Gone Wild!

Marnie (Fiona Shaw) has gone and lost her mind, y'all. If you're like us, you thought Marn was a sweet, little witchey-poo and Antonia was the 400 year old bey-otch sociopath. Well, turns out that's totally backwards. Antonia is a baby-loving softie and Marnia is completely loco! Tho', now they're both crazy with power and hell bent on killing vamps.

Which is why Bill, Eric, Jessica and Pam (in total LOL-worthy SWAT-style) set out to blow up the Moon Goddess Emporium, thinking that Tara and the other witches were trapped inside. Thing is, Tara and Sookie disappeared in that giant yellow magic wall to...Well, we don't quite know yet.

So what did you think of the episode: do you think it's time Sookie just picks a man already? Did you cry bloody tears as Tommy gurgled to death? And were you totally bummed about the lack of Jessason lovin'? Sound off below!

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