True Blood Cast

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Dear Ted:
I am a huge fan of True Blood. I have been hearing through the rumor mill that the cast isn't getting along with each other too well. Is this true? Are ego's causing tension with the True Blood cast?

Dear After Bite:
You've heard wrong, babe, ‘cause the (very attractive) castmates only go after each other's jugulars on screen. In fact, there's not a whole heck of a lot of juicy goss coming from behind-the-scenes (save, of course, for Alexander Skarsgård's Vicey ways). No egos, no bitchin', just bloodsucking good TV. Shocker, huh?

Dear Ted:
You say that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith have an unconventional marriage. Could their Vicey behavior be threatening their relationship?

Dear The Couple That Vices Together:
Quite the opposite, C, if ya catch my drift.

Dear Ted:
What are your thoughts on Tom Sturridge's homeless-man beard and hairstyle? Every time I see a photo of him out and about with Sienna Miller, I can't help but wonder how she resists grabbing a weed wacker and cutting all that gross hair off?!

Dear Fickle Sister:
Whoa, whoa, whoa, J. Isn't that whole grungy thing part of Robert Pattinson's charm? It's not surprising then that his bestie TomStu would rock a similar look—and it's working, he bagged a hottie Brit babe (even if she is known for her, uh, rocky relayshes in the past). That said, I wouldn't mind if he trimmed his beard.

Dear Ted:
"Care to explain the fascination?" You asked this of a newbie Gerard Butler fan, but I'll answer as one smitten early in his career. Of course, his physical attributes spark a reaction and he seems to have pheromones galore. I see real talent and staying power. Friends who have met him say he is charming, intelligent and focused, but also boyish with diva tendencies. In short, he's still, at 41, a kid from Paisley, Scotland, set loose in the Hollywood candy shop. Now, Ted, your turn. Rumors have always stalked him. How recent is his Vice moniker and just how shocked would I be if I knew his Vice? It would take something truly horrifying to end my support.
—A Sap for Gerry?

Dear Gag-Worthy Gushing:
You really do dig the dawg, babe. But even you might think twice about totally hearting the dude if you knew what his large closet of skeletons hid. That said, it's really not that shocking of a Vice. And, for the record, it's an older one (he's savvier now). So hope that helps!

Dear Ted:
Everyone is writing you asking why Ryan Gosling is not in a relationship. So, we have established that he has not hooked up with any of his lovely costars and that he is not gay or still missing Rachel McAdams. Do you think that maybe he is just having fun being single? And when the day comes when he finally finds someone, do you think it will be another high profile actor/celebrity, or someone leading a less public life?

Dear Mrs. Gosling:
He's definitely enjoying being single. And I'd bet good money that he's totally going to pull a James Franco and go bizarro before he settles down for the long run. He's already got that kinda kookoo thing going on and I think we're just seeing the beginning of it.

Dear Ted:
We haven't had a Jackie Bouffant or Crescent Cumquat Vice in awhile. Is it safe to assume then that they're being good little Vicers?

Dear Down Low:
Good in the sense that they're keeping their naughty little secrets to themselves, yes. But they're definitely still up to no good, that's for sure.

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