Lady Gaga

AP Photo/Chris Pizzello

Awards shows are known for emotional speeches, big performances and honoring celebrities for their hard work and talent. Right?

But once a year, the stars gather at the MTV Video Music Awards, and we're treated to something special: Boob grabs, girl on girl (on girl) kisses, meat dresses and more!

So in preparation for tonight's big show, we look back on the five craziest moments in VMA history:

1. Kanye West ruins Taylor Swift's special moment (2009):

While America's favorite sweetheart thanks fans for her first VMA, Hip Hop's Hot Head swoops up behind her and steals the mic. The words that follow became one of the most memorable moments in VMA history: "...I'm gonna let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time!"

Later in the evening, Beyoncé stepped aside during her own acceptance speech and allowed Taylor to have her moment.

2. Britney Spears kisses Madonna who kisses Christina Aguilera (2003):

The three most famed women in pop culture came together to perform Madonna's original '80s hit,  "Like a Virgin/" But what really shook the stage was the three-way lip smack (at around 3:52 in the video), giving the star-filled audience a run for their money.

3. Diana Ross gives a quick lift to 'Lil Kim's boobie (1999):

As if the lady rapper's outfit (or lack there of) wasn't shocking enough, the audience at the award show was given an extra treat when music icon Diana Ross reached over for a double tap (at 1:25 in the video).

4. Kid Rock gets into a rumble with Tommy Lee (2007):

Pamela Anderson's ex got down and rowdy with Pamela Anderson's other ex in the middle of the awards show, and after the fight escalated to a physical point, both exes were asked to leave.

Lady Gaga

AP Photo/Chris Pizzello

5. Lady Gaga wears a gown of raw meat (2010):

When honored with the golden prize of the night, Music Video of the Year Award, why not accept it in style? And when we say style, we mean hunks of fresh, raw beef. Mother Monster took shocking to a whole new level when she debuted the head to toe meaty dress.

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