Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie

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Dear Ted:
I actually really like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt together, but I recently saw pictures of Brad with the children and he had a glass of wine. He didn't look happy, are they OK as a couple? Do you think Brangelina is going to break up anytime soon?

Dear Pitt of the Issue:
You say it like sipping a glass of vino is a crime. I wouldn't be surprised if Brad needs a cocktail or two from time to time, not just from dealing with the stress of being half of an A-list power-couple, but from trekking around the globe with Ange herself and half a dozen kiddos. At the moment, there's no impending split.

Dear Ted:
Any updates on Strippa Rip-Ya? How are things with her these days? Is she any closer to being safe?
—Wondering in Seattle

Dear Ripped Off:
Closer? A bit, actually, but she's still making some seriously stupid decisions. Hopefully she'll wrap her head (and luscious locks, too) around the fact that she doesn't have to do everything other peeps tell her. Then she'll truly be better off.

Dear Ted:
I'm really hoping that my fave crush, Jensen Ackles, isn't a total jerk but each hint you drop about his Vice makes me more and more unsure. Can you at least tell me if his Vice is so "juicy" because it involves some personality traits or just because it contrasts with his public image so much?

Dear Natural Born Vicer:
More so the latter. I like Jensen, I would hardly consider him douchetastic, doll. But speaking of the Supernatural heartthrob and his lovely wife Danneel Harris, I have some delish dirt on the twosome that I will share very soon. Stay tuned, Mike.

Dear Ted:
Is it just me or the relationship between Glee cast members improved a lot? There doesn't seem to be much drama and hatin' on Lea Michele anymore. That, or they finally learnt how to act and know how to dissimulate it better.

Dear All For Show:
It's no secret there used to be some not-so-Gleeful feelings between certain cast members, but, you're right, things between the hottie McKinley High students are definitely on the up—which is exactly what they always wanted you to believe.

Dear Ted:
I know you said that Robert and Kristen are fine, but they don't look fine to me. They have been apart for one month, Rob is going to multiples parties in LA, having fun with his friends, drinking, going to bars and clubs. He said he loves London, but he isn't there while his girlfriend is there working. What kind of couple they are? I'm sure you are going to say they are "fine" over and over again, but I don't think they are. I think they are on a break, at least.

Dear Girl Who Called Split:
Lis, haven't I always said that Rob and Kris are very supportive of each other's careers? Kristen is abroad doing work on Snow White and the Huntsman and Rob (aside from going out, which is hardly punishable) has biz to get done on this side of the Pond. They keep in contact, don't worry, and neither is stressing the current sitch. So you shouldn't be either.

Dear Ted:
Would you date Lainey Gossip since you both hate Taylor Lautner so much? What the hell has this kid ever done to you?

Dear Outta Nowhere:
Lainey has class. She'd never go out on a date with me. Besides, I hear she's a top.

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