Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian

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Any guesses as to what newly married Kim Kardashian so lovingly calls Kris Humphries?

We hear the playful little nickname is way official—as in Kimmie K. even has her new hubby's number saved in her mucho exclusive cell phone under this par-tick moniker.

Make your best guess and find out the truth after the jump:

Guess the Gossip: Aug. 26, 2011
Which nickname does Kim Kardashian officially call Kris Humphries?

It's Hump!

While we so wouldn't be surprised if Kim dubbed her dude any of the other nicknames, we hear from sources very in-the-know on K's cellie life that Kris is listed under "Hump" in her phone.

Too cute, right?

Unless your mind is stuck in the gutter and you think the pet name has something to do with their, uh… How shall we put this? "Honeymoon habits."

In which case we say, shame on you!

Remember, Hump is the first half of his (and hers, now!) last name, duh.

Heck, Kim isn't even the only one who calls her man Hump. In fact, the baller has taken it on as his superhero alter ego. In a viral video released by the Nets (Kris' b-ball team), the guy goes green and dubs himself The Incredible Hump.

(Uh, we stay just stick with Hump, Kris!)

Even Kris' parents are in on the nickname, recently spotted sporting Team Hump gear while they were in town for the wedding. Does this nickname-sharing officially make Kim a part of the Humphries family then?

We think so. Viva la Hump!

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