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Dear Ted:
So spill. Are the original Glee cast members showing any signs of jealously or resentment toward the newly ordained Gleeks like Darren Criss and The Glee Project winners? It can't be all sweetness and light knowing the cast that made Glee a hit is slowly being replaced by cheaper wannabes!

Dear Graduation Gloom:
Hold your McKinley High-lovin' horses, B. They're not exactly getting replaced. Lea Michele and her fab cohorts will still hold on to their limelight even with the new editions (and even after their time in the chorus room comes to an end, no doubt). There's enough Glee love to go around—and then some.

Dear Ted:
Why was George Clooney only single for a minute or two after his recent breakup? I've always had the impression that moving on was never a problem for him but why not be single for awhile? Is he worried about the persistent gay rumors which only get worse when he's single?

Dear Racy Stacy:
It's not like their relaysh is anything serious, doll. Haven't you ever heard of rebounding? Plus, getting a quickie (and make that sexy) new gal pal is the easiest way to tell your fame-lovin' ex that it's way over.

Dear Ted:
I was just talking to my twin sis about how much I'm loving Zoe Saldana's class and style, and it got me thinking: Has Zoe ever been a subject in any of your Blind Vices? I've loved her ever since I first saw her in Center Stage and I'm so glad her star took off! Speaking of Zoe, how about our fave celeb stylist, Rachel Zoe? I'm thinking there's more Vicey chances with her.

Dear Z-List:
No monikers for either of these fashionistas. Which is a bit more surprising in Zoe Saldana's cause, seeing as some of her hunkiest male costars are experts in the way of Vicing. But she's definitely trying to make a name for herself in this town, so it's only a matter of time before the juicy deets reveal themselves.

Dear Ted:
What upcoming fall TV show has the most Vice potential? I'm keeping an eye on The Ringer.

Dear TVice Guide:
You better believe it, Mike. With Sarah Michelle Gellar starring, the show is already off to a Vicey lead. And while the current crop of boob-tube staples is keeping the behind-the-scenes sleaze factor up, we're sure a few of these newbie recruits will step up to the gossip bat.

Dear Ted:
I can never get enough of Judas Jack-Off and Dashed Dingle-Dream's on again/off again quasi relationship. If one of the boys were to start dating another male on the regular, who do you think would be more possessive, Jude or Dash? Also, may I please know who they are please?

Dear Boyfriend Forecast:
You may not, dear, but you may certainly guess. As for future boy toys, well, Judas is the kind of douche that likes to have his cutie cake and eat it, too, while his respective BF is supposed to stay perfectly faithful. Meanwhile, Dashed is burned in the love department and getting pretty dang weary. All in all, good luck to any future fellahs.

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