Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith

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Dear Ted:
So, I'm not one to guess on Blind Vices, but seeing the rumors about Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith splitting has got me thinking. Could she be the Carol Anne Sausage-Snatcher you speak of?
—First Time B.V. Guesser

Dear Headed for the Door:
While the clues certainly seem to fit, Jada is definitely not our be-yotchy Blind Vicer Carol Anne. Even tho we hear that there's something going on between the A-list superstars, JPS and Will don't have half the drama that C.A. and her man do. Will and his wifey are much more willing to compromise.

Dear Ted:
You seem to have Ryan Gosling on the brain lately (who can blame you?!), and it got me thinking about this gorgeous enigma. You mentioned before that he is über-private and likes to keep things platonic with his lovely leading ladies. Do you think this has anything to do with Rachel McAdams? Could things have ended badly? So badly in fact Ryan has sworn off dating his onscreen partners?

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Dear Friends Zone:
Well, they didn't have the most carefree split in the word, doll, but it wasn't as disastrous as some of Hollywood's hottest former couples, either. And Ry isn't still pining away over his Notebook costar, if that's what you're thinking. But he does know how much tabloid attention starting another relaysh will spark, so he's staying low-key. For now.

Dear Ted:
I wanted to ask you about Jessica Chastain. I think she is going to be the greatest actress of her generation, and from what I have seen of her she comes across as a sweetheart, just so nice and down-to-earth. Sometimes when she mentions that she's a trained Julliard theater actress it does come across as snobbish, so any juicy tidbits on her?

Dear Helping the Help:
Not yet, babe, but she's just now getting serious name recognition for drumming up yuks in The Help and cozying up with Brad Pitt in The Tree of Life. So who knows what her Vice future holds. I know that her awards season future is lookin' good though. Expect to hear her name plenty more.

Dear Ted:
What's this I'm hearing about Lea Michele taking a page from her idol Barbra Streisand's handbook and getting Charice's scenes from Glee cut out?

Dear Gleeful Termination:
Trust me, M.K., Lea relies on her talent (ya know, those insane pipes she's got) much more than her sometimes divatastic ‘tude to secure screen time. The same certainly can't be said for her costars, but Charice's lack of boob-tube presence is hardly Miss Michele's fault.

Dear Ted:
So Brenda Song is pregnant. Had this happened before The Suite Life on Deck ended, how would that have gone down? I can't see Disney wanting to bring a teen pregnancy to the show, but I can't see how you could have the show without London Tipton. I guess it doesn't really matter now that the show is done, but I'm still curious!

Dear Bun in the Oven:
What better way to ditch the Disney scene than get yourself knocked up? Right, Ali?

Dear Ted:
Will you please quit comparing The Hunger Games to Twilight? Did you read The Hunger Games? It is so much better written! How is this copying Twilight? Harry Potter did it too!

Dear Copy Cat Complex:
I've already said I think H.G. has better source material than the vamp flicks. And there's nothing wrong with a bit of marketing "inspiration." Heck, it made Twilight millions, after all.

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