Clueless Reunion! Alicia Silverstone and Paul Rudd Cozy Up on the Red Carpet

Costars of the cult 1995 comedy meet up at the Our Idiot Brother premiere in New York City

By Peter Gicas Aug 24, 2011 2:41 PMTags
Alicia Silverstone, Paul RuddJamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Sometimes you can't help but wish that life would imitate art.

At the New York premiere of his new movie Our Idiot Brother on Monday night, Paul Rudd found himself hanging with his old Clueless costar Alicia Silverstone as the two reunited on the red carpet.

Sure enough, Cher and Josh still make for an adorable couple...even 16 years later!

But alas, in real life both stars have moved on to other relationships, gotten married and had kids, with Silverstone having just welcomed her little boy, Bear, in May.

And from the looks of things, this kid's no doubt going to be a total Baldwin!