Private Practice, Benjamin Bratt, Kate Walsh


"I am willing to do everything I can. And I do mean everything."

Atta boy! This is what Private Practice's delicious new series regular Benjamin Bratt has to say about giving Kate Walsh's character Addison that bambino she wants.

The two kissed in the fourth season finale, but then she decided to work things out with her old flame Sam (Taye Diggs), so will a baby happen?

Kate tell us exclusively...

"I think so! We're definitely going to try. We're going to do everything within our power."

Turns out, Addison pulled something of a Meredith Grey in the latest episode, when she smooched Bratt's character without knowing his name, because she'll learn in the new season that he's a medical professional with whom she may need to work. And you know, dead sexy.

"He is in fact a doctor," Bratt explains. "Dr. Jake Riley. He's an IVF specialist and he is a fertility doctor extraordaire. Bing! Why does that mean anything at all? Who wants a baby? I'm the man to give it to her!"

Perhaps, but what about Sam? And P.S. could this woman be any more blessed than to be choosing between Taye Diggs and Benjamin Bratt for her baby daddy?!

Kate tells us what will unfold when the show returns Sept. 29:

"[Sam and Addison" continue to try to work it out and make a go of it. Between episode one and two, a month passes. And you see where they progress and it's shocking and surprising. You also see this guy and how he comes around too. It's really kind of interesting. All twisty professional personal psychosexual madness."

Check out the full video interview below...

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