One is married to a pro NBA basketballer and one used to be. New besties alert?

Eva Longoria was a VIP guest at Kim Kardashian's weekend wedding, but it was Khloé Kardashian Odom who joined her on a double date with last night in Hollywood.

Khloé, Lamar, Eva and her man Eduardo Cruz all had dinner at Madeo restaurant, where Khloé was surprisingly quiet when asked about her sister's nuptials.

After dining at the Italian hot spot, the night wasn't over for these two couples. Seems there was an afterparty of sorts, as they were all spotted at a hotel together...

They all headed to the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills, where Khloé and Lamar arrived first and Eva and Eduardo came shortly after.

Were they all getting a nightcap together at the bar? Hitting the hot tub?

Either way, they weren't out too late on a Monday night. They all went their separate ways around midnight, but not before Eva and Khloé hugged it out.

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