Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian

Albert Michael/

We told you that Kim Kardashian was going all Kate Middleton on us.

Not only did peeps dub her nuptials the "American Royal Wedding," but Kimmie followed in the Duchess of Cambridge's trend-setting footsteps and had her bridesmaids decked out in (gasp!) white.

And here's the only problem with that...

None of you could fathom that Kim wouldn't be the only one donning the color on her big day.

At least, that's the way it appears on Twitter. 'Cause most of you bought into those crafty Kardashes scheme to make you think the dresses were green (uh, so not true). And when we confirmed that the dresses so weren't green, you all still guessed wrong.

The closest @reply had the dolls decked out in black and white print.

So we've still got no contest winner.

But since we heart you all (and are desperate to give away this glammed-out oven mit), we'll give you another chance to secure the oh-so-coveted prize. And this time you don't have to guess on the money, you just have make us laugh!

So tweet @theawfultruth with your most creative answer to this Q:

What kind of sexy outfit should Kris Humphries (like Kim needs help in that dept.) dress up in for the first night of his honeymoon? And why?

And we'll pick the winner pronto. Start tweetin', this bedazzled baking mitt waits for no one.

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