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It was such a swell event and such a great cause! Project Angel Food, which delivers fabulous meals to men and women affected by HIV/AIDS, had its annual Angel Awards in Hollywood over the weekend, and tons of little Glee Project performers were everywhere, being adorable.

But their maestro, Ryan Murphy, who's had a wobbly record when it comes to being charming with his casts in the past, wasn't so welcoming:

"Hello, Ted, why are you here?" sassed Murphy, when I ran into him after chatting with Jessica Lange (who's working with Murphy on his upcoming American Horror Story, which looks truly fabulous).

"Why aren't you home writing mean things about me?" he continued, not waiting for an answer at the show where Glee producer Dante Di Loreto and Hungry Girl host Lisa Lillien were being honored.

I decided to be nice back and said how much I'd love to write something sweet. It would be a bit of a departure from reporting items about how Ryan reportedly made Chord Overstreet find out he was jobless via The Hollywood Reporter and how he works his poor cast to death, but I'm game!

"What's up with Lea Michele?" I asked.

And quicker than a high-school cheerleader with ants in her spanks, Ryan snipped, "No, thanks," and moved on towards Lange.

It was so Naya Rivera. Perfectly timed, perfectly bitchy, perfectly high school.

The only thing that would have been more high school would have been for me to run back over to Ryan and yell that Jessica told me earlier she is so not a Glee fan, but I didn't.

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