Leonardo DiCaprio, Blake Lively

Fame Pictures

Dear Ted:
What's going on with Leonardo DiCaprio? He's been photographed more than the usual tabloid fixtures recently. Please, don't tell me it's only because he is dating the attention-loving Blake Lively. He doesn't seem to mind it all of a sudden. I have a hard time seeing him as a major gossip figure.

Dear Growing Pains:
You know that old saying, If you got it, flaunt it? Well Blake definitely does, and she's doing just that. She locked down (well, for now, at least) the dude who was probably the subject of her tween daydreams. And now she wants the world to know. And Leo doesn't mind being spotted out with a hot young thang, of course.

Dear Ted:
Whatever happened to Strawberry Snort 'Em? Is she still hanging out with Morgan Mayhem or has she cleaned up her act? Also, throw me a bone: Is she involved with movies or music?

Dear Snort Ya Later:
I seriously doubt she's changed her tune, but she's keeping any naughty habits under serious wraps. Plus, she's been spending more time with her man candy than Morgs lately, which is good in my book. Career-wise, Strawberry is multitalented, as every good starlet should be.

Dear Ted:
I saw Blue Valentine this weekend (I'm late, I know). Anyway, Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams seemed to have such chemistry and had all those pretty graphic sex scenes, and I read that they lived together for a month while making the movie. I haven't heard him deny they ever dated. I know you say he is very private, but are there any rumors/signs that there is anything between them?

Dear Blue-Balled Valentine:
Rumors? Definitely. But as for anything serious, Michelle went the way of each of Ryan's hottie costars—Platonicville. So disappointing too, because if this dude spent as much time looking for a special lady friend as he does breaking up street fights and being all-together drool-worthy, we'd have another Rachel McAdams sitch on our hands.

Dear Ted:
Does Alex O'Loughlin from Hawaii Five-O have any Vices? Somebody has to know though right? If anybody will, it's you. Also, is he dating anybody? Please say, No!

Dear Hawaii Five-No:
Sorry, doll, but that cast is Vice-free, at least in my books. But things have a tendency to get pretty juicy pretty fast over on those islands, so who knows what's in store for that delish dude. At least he's not making crappy rom-coms with Jennifer Lopez anymore.

Dear Ted:
I realize that I'm really late to the party on this one, but I've recently become rather enthralled with Gerard Butler. How Vicey is he?
—Better Late Than Never

Dear Ger Bear:
Care to explain the fascination, babe? Not that it's completely unwarranted; the fella has something going on ‘cause he's caught the eye of some of Hollywood's hottest A-list ladies. Maybe it's his Vice that has ‘em running for the door. Because he most definitely has a moniker, and boy is it a juicy one.

Dear Ted:
What does Carmelita Salami-Climber's family think about her man? Are they as worried as her friends?

Dear Salami Summit:
Hey, if Carm keeps her toned tush in the tabloids, her fam doesn't care what kind of man she lands. They just love the attention.

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