Demi Lovato, Joe Jonas

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Dear Ted:
What's with this recent Twitter love Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas have been having? I thought there was some bad blood between them, so are they over it or are they making nice for the public considering the both have new albums to promote?

Dear #Reunion:
Let's put it this way: The bad blood was mostly on Dem's side. And since she's a new and improved chica, there's nothing keeping these two from being pals. Let's just hope Demi's learned her lesson and isn't hoping to @reply her way back into a romance...‘cause that ain't happenin'.

Dear Ted:
Did Demi Moore pay off the FTC so they wouldn't do an investigation of her hubby's shady business deals? They need to investigate her! But anyway, whose Vice would damage their career more: Demi's or Ashton Kutcher's?

Dear Conspiracy Cougar:
Sorry, doll, but I don't think Demi has that kind of power. At least not anymore. Ash got out of this bind the good old fashion way: by being upfront about his investments in the first place. Not everything in Hollywood has to be so shady, baby. That said, Ashton is far more set on keeping his Vice a secret.

Dear Ted:
You've stated that Danneel Harris knows her husband's Vice, but does she also know her husband's costar/best friend Jared Padalecki's Vice as well?

Dear Neighborhood Gossip:
Sure. Danneel is a smart lady, I've always said that. She's very in-the-know about what's going on behind-the-scenes.

Dear Ted:
Why are people so hung up on the fact that Nelly Fang is bisexual? Who cares? The disturbing part of this Blind Vice is the bad porno sex talk, the cheating and "The Captain." So not sexy. Sleep with whomever you want, just be a man and not a sleazy teenage boy. If Nelly is who I think he is, I thought he had an intelligent, strong silent thing going on, was I wrong?

Dear Sleaze Factor:
It's that same old double standard, doll. If Nelly were a chick, everyone would think it was totally cool (and probably pretty damn hot) that he went both ways. But he's a guy, which is totally taboo. As for your Q, you're not totally wrong. Nell has a handsome, stoic mug, but he's not the brightest bulb in the box. Clearly.

Dear Ted:
What ever happened to Darla Jones? I would love to know what is going on with her now.

Dear Darling Darla:
Well she's not with Tobey Yum-Yum anymore, that's for sure. But even though she got burned by her bed-hoppin' ex-BF, Darla's doing alright these days. And she's being far safer when it comes to her heart (and loins). Fool her once, shame on you, fool her twice...

Dear Ted:
Gosh, what's your problem with Blake Lively? You seem to hate her. What's she doing that others haven't done? Such bias. Let's have some more Blake Lively posts. Love that girl! She sure knows how to play the game.

Dear Lively Nation:
What's your beef, babe? I simply said the same thing as you: Blake is a mighty crafty chick and is excellent at playing the game. And so far it's working out for her, no?

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