Kings of Summer Tournament
Best of Summer

We're only in round two of our tournament and already, things are seriously heating up! Round one was full of blowouts and razor-thin margins.

So who made it past the opening round of 16 to stay in the running for the title of King of Summer? Check out the results.

Two matchups were neck-and-neck all the way down to the wire. Captain America's Chris Evans was pitted against Glee star Darren Criss, and in the end, the Captain came out ahead, grabbing just 51 percent of the vote to Criss' 49.

This round's other tight match was between X-Men standout Michael Fassbender and Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey. They were battling for position all the way to the end, but ultimately, Fassy came out the victor, again grabbing 51 percent of your votes. Don't worry, Tyler, we have a feeling you'll be back next year.

Among the blowouts, one stood out as a shocker. Prince William sent Justin Bieber packing early, pulling in 70 percent of your votes. Sorry, Justin, better luck next time.

Check out your Elite Eight and don't forget to vote for a Queen of Summer!

Who's the 2011 King of Summer, Round 2
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