Kanye West Gets All Cute and Cuddly

The hip-hop star gets animated. Literally

By Peter Gicas Aug 26, 2008 4:04 PMTags

Kanye West is apparently determined to tap into the Barney market, with yet another music video that seems to be aimed at the six and under crowd.

The rapper follows up his puppet-driven "Champion" vid with this new animated one for the song "Good Morning," debuting today on iTunes. In it, Kanye is depicted as a little teddy bear who wakes up late on graduation day but, despite a few obstacles, still manages to make it in time to accept his diploma.

Yes, the creativity in both these cases is admirable, especially this latest effort, which was directed by Takashi Murakami, the Japanese artist who brings to life the cover art he did for Kanye's Graduation album. It all just makes us a little nervous, though.

After all, it's OK for hip-hop stars to show their softer side, but it can also be taken a bit too far. Just ask Ice (Are We Done Yet?) Cube.