Ashley Hebert, J.P. Rosenbaum, The Bachelorette


We have no problem with reality stars signing endorsement deals.

Hey, if a company wants to pay them for hawking their goods, more power to them.


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Did Bachelorette winner J.P. Rosenbaum really have to follow in Lindsay Lohan's footsteps by agreeing to make a YouTube video for penny auction site

Like Lohan's ad that she made while under house arrest, Ashley Hebert's husband-to-be was filmed in his studio apartment in New York City. The production value is lacking, well...everything. J.P. may look cute with his clean-shaven face, buzzed head and tan skin, but he's cramped in a corner sitting at a cluttered desk. His dress shirt is too big and it's in desperate need of collar stays.

The bad lighting doesn't help things.

And then there's the pitch.

"You can bid on things and get stuff for, like, 95 percent off form brand names, things for a new apartment, which I need cause Ashley's moving up here in a few weeks," J.P. says. "Also I have to save up for a wedding. I might even be able to get a new sister-in-law on here...Just kidding, Chrystie."

Forget a new sister-in-law. How about you get yourself a new endorsement deal?

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