Last week, we saw Jersey's finest take over the nightlife in Florence, get drunk and hook up with random people (well, that was just Mike) and hints of a possible Sam and Ron reunion.

Tonight's episode was, well, not much different. But we were glad to see someone other than Mike get some lovin'. And some "lesbianic" situations.

Oh, you're into that?

Well, here's what happened…

Note to any single woman who is in desperate need of finding a man (any man): Go to Italy!

Here's why we tell you this.

First off, when Snooki is trying to work on her fitness, we noticed her instructor being extra-friendly to his student. In the beginning, it was a simple compliment. But then, things got weird.

And you know Snooks. She made sure to let the—we're just going to say it—old man know what's up.

If a silver fox isn't your style, then go down (one of) Deena's routes and flirt with the cute waiter. Sure, he might not make much and he's probably underage, at least that's the vibe we got from her new serving suitor Ellis, but he's a good time.

But if what you're ordering is a cuddle sesh after being harassed by the guys you room with, expect a dine and dash.

Alas, if all else fails, you can follow our great teacher Deena's footsteps in being a lesbo for the night.

Remember that blond girl Brittany that Mike's been constantly hooking up with this season because she's super DTF? Well, surprise! She has a twin named Erica.

They're both cute, but slightly stalkerish (minus the "slightly" part) and have been giving the roommates, including Mike, the heebie-jeebies, but apparently when you're drunk, it doesn't matter.

Deena gives Erica a warm welcome but pulling a robbery on Sitch and full-on making out with her and taking her home!

Twinning! (This new term is explained best by our favorite blowout expert, Pauly D, who said, "You're winning, but you're twinning cause you got two twin chicks.")

Don't get too excited, people. Deena ended up getting cold feet and remembering she "loves penis," so she tossed the twin over to Vinny (this girl is not making herself look good).

All in all, Italy is definitely a good place to fall in love. Sam and Ron rekindled their flame and have "started over"...again. In their defense, they didn't fight for a whole 24 hours. Touché!

Oh yes, fights!

Snooki found out that Mike was blabbin' about how he and Snooks had hooked up while she was with her boyfriend Jionni, and that didn't sit well with the spicy meatball, who fired back saying he's a psycho and lying about the whole thing.

Who's telling the truth? We're sure it'll all unfold very, very soon.

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