Daniel Radcliffe, Girlfriend


After photos of Daniel Radcliffe and his new lady in strolling the streets in New York City hit the Internet, all we wanted to know was who is she?!

And now we have some answers!

So if you're dying to know who this pretty brunette (who can pull off wearing leggings with flip-flops quite well) in lavender is...here you go:

1. She Has a Name: We can finally identify the 22-year-old by something other than her hair color or wardrobe. She is Rosanne Coker, but friends call her Rose.

2. Potter Love: It would be weird if Radcliffe dated a girl that wasn't into Harry Potter (well, we think it would be), but that isn't an issue here. The duo met on the set of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in 2007 when Coker worked as a production's assistant. And that was just the beginning. Radcliffe and Coker also worked on the last two H.P. films together and his latest project, The Woman in Black.

3. Creative Genes: Rose's father is the owner of a painting and decorating business, while her mother designs birthday cards. And the apple doesn't fall from the tree, because Miss Coker is a painter herself!

4. Travel Bug: Since the beginning of their relationship a year ago, the actor's love interest has been splitting her time between his NYC apartment and her family's close-to $660,000 home in Surrey, England.

5. Daddy Approves: Danny boy has already met the family, but don't rush off thinking there's a wedding in store. However, if there was, he'd get Mr. Coker's blessing. "I have met Daniel and he is a lovely guy. I'm just really happy for Rosanne and as long as she is happy that is all that matters to me," he tells the Daily Mail. "No other parent would ask any more. I know it's not a normal life they live. But they have a lot of fun together and at their age, what more could you ask? Who knows where it is going to lead?"

Well, the Coker family approves, do you guys, too? Tell us what you think of the new couple in the comments!

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