Full disclosure? When we talked with the cast of Happy Endings, only about 15 percent of what we got from them was scoop on season two. The other 85 percent was mostly Adam Pally, Casey Wilson, Eliza Coupe, Zachary Knighton, Elisha Cuthbert and Damon Wayans Jr. making us laugh. How can you be mad about the lack of show info when you have an amazing cast like that cracking you up?

However, the season-two scoop we did get was pretty good, especially when we asked them to tell us about the first episode. Plus, we also got them to admit what they were doing when they got news of Happy Endings' renewal. And just to warn you all, one of the castmembers was in a really dark place when he heard...

"I was in a small bathroom in the dark. I had one sock on," Wayans tells us sadly when we asked where he was before he got the news that H.E. was getting a second season. His onscreen wife, Eliza Coupe (our current girl crush), winced and adds: "Oh, you know it's a bad day when you have one sock on. That's his thing."

Other members of the cast were in a much brighter place. "I was in Las Vegas at a bachelor party," Pally says. "I was on a drug-fueled heater, and I got the call from Casey (Wilson) and she was, I would say, emotionally hysterical." He was kidding about the drug-fueled heater thing, but not about Wilson's hysterics. "We were very excited," she tells us with a smile.

But onto the little nuggets of season-two info we got. Pally and Wilson talked about Megan Mullally being cast as Penny's mom, which led to Wilson looking up at the ceiling and shouting, "Thank you, universe! You've done it again." Meanwhile, Pally promises that Penny and Max will continue "looking for love all over Chicago, never to find it." Keep 'em single, we say!

The episode we're most looking forward to involves flashbacks, especially since we'll go back to a time that almost guarantees drunken shenanigans. "Max and Penny dated in college. That relationship was not as dysfunctional as you might imagine," Pally reveals. "It was beautiful and very passionate," Wilson adds.

When we asked what we could expect from the season-two premiere, we got a variety of spoilers. Here they are, in no particular order: "A seafood tower." "Slight nudity." "Stabbing." "A murder." "A musical number." "A boar." "And it's live." It's up to you guys to decide which ones are real and which ones are totally bogus. Personally, we really hope the musical number thing is real.

Finally, most of the castmembers had one request when it came to storylines they hoped to see for their characters: Intercourse. "We both feel there needs to be more sex, and they need to show it," Coupe says with a straight face. "And why is it so taboo to have sex with a squirrel? Why can't that be in it?"

There you have it, folks. Squirrel sex. Check out our full interview below with the cast of Happy Endings to get all the laughs; plus, hear from Knighton and Cuthbert on Alex and Dave's future...

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